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EURRECA Nutritional Planning and Dietary Assessment Software tool: NutPlan
Mirjana Gurinović, Agnes Kadvan, Maria Glibetić et al

Institute for Medical Research, Department of Nutrition and Metabolism, University of Belgrade, Tadeuša Košćuška 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia,
‘NutPlan’  is developed within  the EURRECA Network of Excellence  (EURopean micronutrient RECommendations Aligned ( It is a user- friendly software programme with multiple functions: individual and group nutrition planning, recipe calculation, creating food labels, diet planning and nutrient intake assessment. This paper describes the newly developed software and its features.
'NutPlan' contains the following databases: Foods, Dish Recipes, Meals, Menus, Average menus and Glossary. These databases enable diet planing and diet analysis by comparing foods, dishes, meals or menus with currently available nutritional recommendations accessible via link to EURRECA tool Nutri- RecQuest in order to meet indivudual/group nutritional needs.
The software is opened for  inserting new items (e.g. foods, dishes, meals) and for a connection to other software programmes thus allowing more advanced calculations to be completed.
'NutPlan' might be the software of choice for individual and group diet planning. It is aimed particularly at Eastern European and West Balkan countries which currently lack dietary software.It is envisaged for use by SMEs in the food industry, for health professionals, researchers and policy makers and can be recommended for educational purposes. Given its characteristics of being opened to import new country specific food data/database, it can be recognized as an important tool in nutritional capacity development in CEE and in other regions.
Key words: nutrition software, EURRECA, planning, menus, micronutrient recommendations, capacity development, NutPlan

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